The story behind the logo

The first flower to bloom in the spring, poking its furry head out sometimes before the snow has left the ground, the crocus is a delicate yet resilient, beautiful yet hardy flower. It’s soothing shades of pale blue, purple, yellow, and white can be seen in clusters growing in the wild from the prairies to the mountains.

I chose this flower in honour of my mother, Anne. She died in April just as the crocus flowers were about to spring from the ground after a hard, cold winter. Dotting the slopes at the base of Turtle Mountain and other mountains in the Crowsnest Pass, this small but strong flower reminded my mother of her hometown. And like the crocus, my mother was strong, beautiful, and resilient.

The commonality between the crocus flower and the mother clearly came to me one night. To nurture a child and help them grow a mother needs a soft, delicate nature. To protect her child a mother needs to forge a strength and fortitude like never before. And to continue to grow in the sometimes challenging terrain of motherhood, mothers need inner resilience.

As part of the logo, the crocus is enveloped by a circle-what I envision as a community of women supporting one another, a community of women connecting on a deeper level and finding strength and beauty in being women and mothers.