Sharing Circles

Birthing into Motherhood

An intimate sharing circle for new moms.
Spring session

Tuesdays, June 27 - July 25

12:30 - 2pm

Live Inspired Studio

In Aspen Gardens, SW



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  • Week 1: Your Story
  • Week 2: Expectations
  • Week 3: Experience
  • Week 4: Relationships 
  • Week 5: Transition & Celebration of Motherhood




For those who are part of an existing mother’s group, Mother Haven will come to you and facilitate a sharing circle specifically for your group.

The sharing circle can be a powerful tool in connecting all those involved through a shared commonality of openness, respect, and communication. Using the sharing circle format allows the participants, if they so desire, to share on a deeper level what is moving through them and it facilitates meaningful relationships with those involved.

In a traditional sharing circle the person speaking has the utmost respect and is heard with compassion. An item such as a rock is passed around to signify who is speaking. It is your choice to share; you can share as little or as much as you like- you are not obliged to share anything.

Expectations of the sharing circle:

Respect - Mother Haven respects what each person has to say. Those participating in the circle are asked to do the same. We are here to honour each mother’s journey wherever they are.  We recognize some may be in a joyful state while some may be struggling. We are not here to give opinions or make judgements, rather we are here to listen and to have the opportunity to share.

Confidentiality - Mother Haven strives to create an atmosphere of safety, trust, and privacy. What is shared at the circle is held in confidence and it is expected that what is shared is not discussed outside of the circle.

        Mutual Understanding - Mother Haven recognizes that many different parenting styles and beliefs exist regarding various topics related to mothering such as breastfeeding, sleep training, and attachment parenting to name a few. Mother Haven does not promote or chastise specific parenting styles or approaches. Rather the focus is to share your experiences in mothering.

Mother Haven strives to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable to share what is going on for you. We support mothers to express their true emotions. During the circle mothers are free to share whatever is moving through them. Whether you feel like crying, laughing, or expressing frustration, we are here to listen, support, and empathize with you.