What does a Postpartum Doula do?

The postpartum doula provides:

• Educational support- information on newborn care and characteristics, bonding with your baby, information on recovery from childbirth, and education on feeding/breastfeeding.

• Emotional Support- teaches coping skills, provides support with breastfeeding, and listens without judgement- the doula is an experienced professional to talk to during this intense time.

• Practical support- a second set of hands to help with what needs to get done whether it is tidying the kitchen, folding baby’s laundry or ensuring mom eats a healthy meal, the doula assists with whatever is needed to help the family make as smooth a transition as possible.

• Sibling support- plays with, listens to, and helps older siblings adjust to the new baby.

• Referrals- connects the family to important resources such as a new moms group, infant massage class, or a lactation consultant.

Why hire a Postpartum Doula?

Having a baby will be one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life. Along with the joy there will be sleep deprivation, around the clock care, learning of a newborn’s needs, loads of laundry, and physical recovery from birth. During these intense weeks, unlike learning to drive a car, there is no manual to help you along. There are no courses or training that guides you in your new role as a parent. A postpartum doula is a skilled and nurturing professional who will help you learn about your baby and adapt to your role as a parent.

In today’s society we may not be living close to family. And often if family is close, they are working and therefore support is not readily available. As a result, the wisdom that was once passed on through observing our sisters, aunts, and grandmothers does not take place.

Many new mothers state they have a strong urge to be cared for and a desire to learn from someone who has mothered before. This support is not only necessary but it helps build confidence during the early trying weeks. Having a postpartum doula ensures you are supported, educated, and nurtured into motherhood.